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Dr. Joan Norton, D.C.

Dr. Joan is dedicated to helping others live their best life. She passionately continues her study of the latest in cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging and energy medicine in order to deliver the healthcare of the future.


Dissolve Cataracts With L-Carnosine

The following article “Dissolve Cataracts with L-Carnosine” just touches the surface of the many benefits that have been discovered with the use of Carnosine.

I believe that Carnosine may be the “Fountain of Youth” that many have spent thousands, if not millions, of dollars to discover.  Clinical research has found that Carnosine may be the principle nutrient for keeping the body young as we grow older.  

As we age, our cells accumulate metabolic waste, which accumulates in the cells.  When waste accumulates in cells it disrupts the function of the cells.  Carnosine cleans out and renews the cells and the result is the “old” cell acts like a young and healthy cell.

Many people that have used the LifeWave Carnosine patch have reported remarkable improvements in wellness and physical performance even within a few days of use.

Here are some of the FACTS about Carnosine and its benefits in an anti-aging program.

  • Carnosine is a material that is found naturally in the human body.
  • As we age our bodies levels of Carnosine start to decline.
  • Studies on Carnosine show that it can protect the brain from plaque (one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Studies on Carnosine show that it protects our DNA better than any other nutrient
  • Carnosine has the unique ability to turn old cells into young and healthy cells
  • Carnosine is known to accelerate wound healing through repair of connective tissue
  • Patents have been issued for using Carnosine to improve athletic performance; this is possible because Carnosine helps to prevent the build up of lactic acid in our muscles.

There are many Carnosine supplements on the market, but clinical research shows that common Carnosine pills, powders and drinks can only elevate blood Carnosine levels by trivial amounts in 30 days.


Because the LifeWave technology triggers metabolic changes within your own cells, the Carnosine patch goes to work right away and is effective even within the first 24 hours of use. 

I believe that the LifeWave Carnosine Patch is much more powerful than any other method of elevating Carnosine levels.

Reference Article:

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
September 2, 2009

Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) and Aging

Carnosine is a combination of the amino acids beta-alanine and l-histadine. Carnosine is a strong antioxidant but has even greater importance because it blocks the process of glycation. When sugars combine with protein, they may produce damaging substances called advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). These AGEs interact with adjacent proteins resulting in impaired function, free radical formation and accelerated aging. Carnosine is a very effective inhibitor of glycation. This works by competing with protein for binding sites on sugar molecules. Carnosine is also thought to bind already produced AGEs so they get removed. This process slows aging so it is quite important. Benefits from carnosine therapy include:

Restores fibroblasts to connective tissue, which decreases wrinkles, improves damaged skin elasticity, and speeds healing of wounds.
Diabetics have more AGEs at an earlier age than non-diabetics. Carnosine may protect against diabetic complications.
Prevents cross-linking to beta amyloid in Alzheimer’s disease, inhibits free radical production in the brain, and protects against lipid peroxidation.
May help the body eradicate h. pylori, the ulcer causing bacteria
Rejuvenates old cells, extending cell life span, which should benefit longevity (proven in mice).
Improves vision in most persons with cataracts.
Revitalizes fibroblasts, thus blocking aging of skin (wrinkles).

Carnosine is found in health food stores. The total dose is 1000 mg daily taken in divided doses. This should be a valuable supplement for all diabetics and all persons over 50 years of age.



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